Natural products

Beekeeping is our great hobby and we také care of 30 beehives in the eastern Giant Mountains. Our excess of  honey and will be also mead is possible possible to buy in our pension.

The main advantages of our beekeeping mikro farm

  • We use earth-friendly methods with the priority of first rate quality and we proces over 300 kg of honey/ year.
  • We do not produse rapeseed honey in our area but it predominates delicious mixed honey (maples, lindens, blackberries, raspberries and honeydew).
  • Honey processing is done in self-contained honey house with the use of stainless steal honey machine and we store honey in food processing containers.

Prices of honey products

  • honey ... 150 CZK / 1 kg
  • honey ...   80 CZK / 480 g
  • honey ...   40 CZK / 200 g